Supporting Others

Whilst we are in this stressful time it can be hard to see a way through, but this period will end. It can be hard to remember this particularly if we have loved ones who might be showing symptoms. Try to be kind to yourself and look after each other.

Talking about COVID-19
Support for children
Domestic abuse
Support for Autism

Ideas for keeping the kids entertained


We've gathered together a few ideas to keep the kids busy - click the links below to find out more. Don’t forget to include exercise as part of your day, it’s good for your physical and mental health you can find some fun ideas for exercise in our physical health section.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share please email them to

Build a den

Take a look at these RSPCA quick activities

Organise a disco – let each family member choose some tracks

Create your own Happy Newspaper

Watch animals via a webcam at Edinburgh zoo

Create a scavenger hunt either in the garden or indoors

Print these great activity sheets from Orchard Toys

Enjoy listening to one of ten stories available on the BBC

Take a look at the Great Indoors initiative

There are also free children's stories on Audible