Supporting others

Talking about COVID-19

Advice relating to COVID-19 for families

  • Take time to talk about what is happening with children/young people.

  • Answer questions and share facts from reputable sources.

  • Allocate a daily ‘worry time’ – use half an hour a day for ‘family worry time’ at the same time each day. Write lists, scribble on post-its, make notes on your phone and discuss together and resolve worries.

  • Reassure children – let them know that it is ok to feel upset and worried. Share with them how you deal with your stress so that they can learn from you.

  • Do enjoyable activities – make time to unwind. Do things that give you a little boost (try our activities for kids ideas here and our ideas for kids' exercises here).

  • Stay connected – via phone, video call and social media.

  • Routines – try and keep a regular routine.

  • A good place to start looking for information on how to support your children is the Government guidance on supporting children and young people’s mental health.