We’re all very busy, doing our best to juggle work and home life. Whilst you may be looking after and supporting others in and outside of work, don’t forget that your health and wellbeing is just as important. Be aware of your energy levels – what drains your battery and what recharges it? Taking small, simple steps to help re-energise can really help.

Your battery

Try to counteract some of things that drain your battery with some small steps to re-charging it:

  • Taking your break at work

  • Getting active

  • Drinking enough water

  • Reading a good book

  • Talking to a friend

  • Doing something nice for someone else

  • Getting some fresh air

  • Cooking a meal from scratch

  • Switching off when you leave work

  • Taking your annual leave

  • Having a laugh

  • Back-to-back meetings

  • Poor sleep

  • Too much screen time

  • Scrolling through social media

  • Eating junk food

  • Stress and worry

  • Not feeling organised or prepared

  • Too much caffeine

  • Sitting all day

  • Working in a messy space

  • Drinking too much alcohol

Charging your battery
Draining your battery