Staff physiotherapy

Self help for MSK problems 


Members of staff can access musculoskeletal advice straight away via MSK Assist. Simply click here to access self-treatment advice, educational videos and exercises for specific body areas.

If you feel unsure over the best way to manage your condition you can also self-refer to the Staff Physiotherapy Service for further assessment and appropriate support.

 Keeping active  is one of the best ways of looking after your physical and musculoskeletal health.  Try the physical health page of this site for ideas.

Managing back pain 

As back pain continues to be one of the most common musculoskeletal problems people experience, the staff physiotherapy team has developed some resources to help you to self-manage your condition. 

Referral to staff physiotherapy

If you require advice or support in helping to manage your musculoskeletal condition, then you can self-refer to the staff physiotherapy service. Appointments will initially be offered by telephone and face to face appointments offered where necessary.


Self-referral (if at work)

  • Staff can self-refer for ANY musculoskeletal problem and this does not need to be work related.

  • Complete the online self-referral form

  • If you do not have access to a computer then you can phone 01670 564010 (ext 36010)


Managers’ referral (if off sick)

  • If off sick, staff should be referred by their manager on Day 1 of their MSK absence to receive assistance as soon as possible.

  • Please see our Physiotherapy Privacy Notice