Cycling for health 

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Get on yer bike!

Cycling has lots of benefits like saving you money on fuel or public transport, helping the environment by reducing pollution and boosting your physical and mental health. At Northumbria Healthcare we've got a whole range of ideas and schemes to get you on your bike! 

Cycle to work
Cycling tips
Need a bike?
Bike Safety
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Why cycle to work?

Trust cycling facilities

Route finders

Cycling to work is a great way to fit physical activity into your day.  Every minute counts and it’s never too late to make a start. Regular physical activity has significant health benefits and can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve your mood and sleep, manage stress, maintain a healthy weight and give you more energy.

Cycling is a low impact activity that is good for fitness and muscle strength but it has wider benefits to the environment, air pollution, congestion and may save you a few pennies. Your commute may even be quicker by bike!

As one of the largest employers in the region, the more people we can support to cycle to work, the more difference it will make to our carbon footprint – every little helps.​

Below are details on our cycling facilities across the trust as well as a handy calculator to help you see both the environmental and health benefits of cycling.

Cycling tips

The videos below contain resources and tips to help you build your cycling confidence.


Need a bike?


Need a bike and don’t know where to start? There are plenty of incentives and schemes to help you get on your bike and start living a greener, healthier lifestyle. 

Recycle your cycle scheme

We'll shortly be launching an innovative new scheme - Recycle your Cycle - to give used bikes a second chance at life! Watch this space to see how you can bag yourself a used bike, or how you can give back and gift your trusty wheels to a new home.

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Bike safety

Fancy cycling to work but not quite sure on the route to take? The Bike4Health team can offer free support for staff, helping you to work out a safe route to work and even accompanying you on your first journey if you wish. Please call or text 07584303457 or email to arrange. 


Here are some great resources that offer advice and guidance on keeping your bike safe as well as information on our free Dr Bike+ sessions:

Free Dr Bike+ bike safety checks 


We’ve partnered up with Bike4Health to run free Dr Bike+ sessions on our sites to make sure you and your family’s bikes are safe. The safety check is free for all Northumbria Healthcare staff. To view our FAQs please click here.

Unfortunately the Dr Bike+ sessions aren’t taking place on our sites right now, but we’re keen to make sure you and your family can continue to cycle safely. If you need a free safety check you can call or text our mobile mechanic on 07584303457 or email to arrange. 

On-site Dr Bike+ sessions will resume in 2021 – we’ll keep you updated.